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Organic Loose Leaf Tea

30 serve | Handmade, always in small batches

Living Apothecary is a Toronto-based tea line providing certified organic, hand-crafted, premium loose leaf tea blends. They are purposefully curated to allow yourself to become more mindful while taking a small step towards a more natural wellness. Each and every herb chosen for the blends were carefully selected based on their therapeutic benefits. Combining actions that work synergistically together, enhancing their effects. It’s a satisfying ritual blending different herbs while reconnecting to the practice of herbal medicine.  

Descriptions Below:

ABOUT LAST NIGHT:  This blend contains a soothing blend of herbs that will work at detoxification, supporting your body in eliminating any toxins from the night before. For best results, steep & let sit overnight. Ready to be enjoyed in the morning.

WELL WOMAN:  A tea blend curated specifically for women to harmonize our body + cycle. This blend will help support a healthy menstrual cycle by reducing pain and managing any pms. Being a well woman is living perfectly in sync + embracing our menstrual cycles.

TAKE CARE:  The soothing botanicals within this blend are meant to take care of you during times of stress. oatstraw + lavender will help soothe your nervous system, while schisandra berry acts as an adaptogen balancing our stress response. a very soothing blend curated to enjoy daily.

HEY MAMA:  Transitioning into motherhood is a very sacred time in a woman's life. this blend is curated to soothe the transition following delivery. the combination of botanicals within this blend are meant to help tone the uterus following labor+delivery while soothing & nourishing mom with any lost nutrients along the way

BYE BLOAT:  The combination of botanicals within this blend will work together at promoting a healthy digestion. warming yet sweet, each botanical has it's own special place in assisting our digestive tract. enjoy this blend after meals.

RADIANCE:  What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin. a blend curated specifically for our skin. full of antioxidants, vitamins + minerals. staying hydrated, is a great tool to combat dull skin. we’ve elevated that. not only will this tea blend hydrate, it will also nourish you entirely.



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