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Malia Oil

The island wahine. She’s part water, mother and originator. MALIA embodies the magnificence of a Hawaiian sunset, setting both your heart and the horizon a blaze. She is both peace and powerful inspiration.

A sweet floral scent with a coconut finish. 

  • Base Notes: Birds of Paradise, Coconut Blossom and Tuberose
  • Carrier: Jojoba Oil

WILD AND WOMAN fragrances are artisan made with all materials ethically sourced, vegan and always cruelty-free. Made by women for women.


"I am absolutely in love with this scent! Reminds me of being on a tropical island with a drink in hand. Sexy, fun, perfect. - Dani"

"obsessed wtih this oil!! So Hawaiian. I put it all over my body and get so many compliments. - Olivia"

"Smelled this fragrance at a boutique a few weeks ago and couldnt stop thinking about it. I finally ordered it online! It smells so luxurious and lasts so long. Feels amazing on my skin. - Julia"


Wild and Woman is curated fragrance oils that work with your individual PH to deliver to true scent that is as original as you.

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